Max Loeb García

Max Loeb García was born in 1977 in Bogotá, Colombia, where he began very early to play the guitar and received his first lessons at the age of ten. Following his musical studies at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, in 1999 he moved to Dresden, Germany, an important city in the history of jazz improvisation, due to his interest in widening his knowledge of European culture and to pursue his studies. He subsequently completed his diploma in both jazz guitar and musical education at Dresden's prestigious Musikhochschule Carl Maria von Weber. In 2006 he won a scholarship to study jazz guitar in Brussels with Fabien DeGryse and Peter Hertmans. While his experience in the field has a wide range from classical, folklore, gypsy and rock to jazz music, a curiosity and the search for new sounds brought him to free improvisation, which continues to be his focus and greatest creative pursuit.

“Free improvisation gives me a certain independence that I can share with other musicians and the audience. Each performance and each venue is completely unique and brings with it a new platform for discovery. Free improvisation gives me the opportunity to express my inner-voice directly, without intermediates, through the guitar.”

His compositions are rooted in the traditional music of his native country, combining it with jazz, free improvisation and contemporary music as well.

Together with cellist Hui-Chun Lin and percussionist Peter Kuhnsch, Loeb García founded the group 12°[eins zwei hoch null] in 2009. This work faithfully reflects his feelings about free improvisation and composing. With each member originating from a different country around the world (Germany, Taiwan, Colombia) they bring together a colorful mixture of influences which inspires their music. Other groups with whom he works at the moment are “Tadelblau” with Jochen Aldinger and Volkmar Hoff, “Klex” with Hartmut Dorschner, “Positive Destruction” with Francisco “Pacho” Davila and "PHY" with guitarist Andre Obermüller.

Max Loeb García has collaborated with and been accompanied by artists including Peter Koch, Elliot Levin, Hansi Noack, Joe Sachse, Günther “Baby” Sommer, Matthias Macht, Robert Menzel, Oliver Schwerdt, Dietmar Diesner, and Simone Weißenfels. He also regularly collaborates with artists from other fields such as dance, painting, video, and film for live performances and concerts. At home in Dresden and on tour he teaches workshops on free improvisation for professional and lay musicians of any age. Besides concerts in Germany and Colombia, Max Loeb García has played in other European countries, such as France, Spain, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Belgium and Italy, as well as Taiwan and China.

With the group 12° he has recorded the CDs "Jing Peng" (2011) and "Invisible Message" (2013). His last recording as sideman is the CD "Dedicated to Baby" (2014), a homage to his teacher and mentor Günther "Baby" Sommer.

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