Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Portrait Performance

It's for me a pleasure to invite you to the next performance concert with 12° [eins zwei hoch null], Beatriz Barragan and Marcin Dzieniszewski on the
20th November at Panke (Gerichtstr. 26, Berlin)

Portrait Performance is an improvisation piece involving music, video projections and antique photography. During the performance three musicians will be photographed using one of the earliest photographic techniques invented in 1851, called Ambrotype. This musical and portraiture improvisation will be illustrated through video images. The end result Ambrotypes will be exhibited after the performance as a tangible element resulting from the performance. This action will be documented in order to create a short video feature of the event.

12° [Eins Zwei Hoch Null]

Wet-Plate Photography:
Tintype Berlin
Marcin Dzieniszewski

Video Performance:
Beatriz Barragan

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